We have not spared anything in the furnishings, a popular choice in Cyprus of furnishings is the horrible ‘wrought iron’ style of furniture which is pretty ugly and uncomfortable. As I intend to stay in the apartment myself I want something that I looking forward to getting back to after a long day. Please look at the apartment tab for more information, (and photos).

Our complex is also the best on the island in terms of facilities and location. If you go further up the coast you can see many small developments of 20 villas or so, but they have no shop, no facilities and are miles from anywhere and are in the middle of a building site. My next door neighbours live permantly on the site as many occupants do and are really friendly. Our complex and particularly our apartment is pretty well finished and with planting that has been done, although there are still some unsold apartments they tend to be down the bottom end of the complex which were built in the later phases of the development.

Being fairly close to the golf club is pretty handy if you want to go somewhere really nice to eat, and is only 300 yards up the road, and Kyrenia is only 15 minutes away. All the places to see are pretty accessable.