Where is the apartment?

The apartment is situated on the north coast of Cyprus, and is about 15 minutes from the main harbour town of Kyrenia. The apartment is easy to get to as it is on the main Esenteppe road running along the north coast and the main roads are nice and easy to drive on. Girne is the Turkish pronounciation / translation for Kyrenia and you can just see it on the map below at the top in the middle.


 North Cyprus


North Cyprus

 If you collect your hire car from the main airport in the North (Ercan), then there are two different routes to get to the apartment, you can either drive out of the airport and turn right and go over the mountains, which in winter can be a bit scary as there are no lights and often the hig passes are covered in snow. The easier way is to carry onto Nicosia, and follow the main road to Kyrenia, the once you get to Kyrenia you can pick up the coast road again to Esenteppe. Either way takes about 30 minutes.

 If you travel from Larnaca then the drive is further, probably about an hour, and then you have to get to Nicosia and find the way through the ‘green gate’ to the North.




There are some historical problems with driving from the south to the north, although flights can be alot cheaper than flying to Ercan, you need to make sure the car hire company allows you to drive though to the north as some do not.

Collection from the airport for you can be arranged, which at the moment will cost about £25 from Ercan and £45 from Larnaca. We would put you in touch with the complex and they will sort this with you directly if you book with us.

Car hire can be arranged beforehand or when you get on site.

After a long flight, the last thing that you may want to do is to drive to the apartment so it may be easier to let someone else collect you and once you get to the apartment then you can get yourself sorted out and arrange things from there.