Please call 07957 870095 if you are interested in renting this apartment. I can send you an old fashioned brochure in the short term. More information to follow.

If you are interested in booking the apartment we will send you a rental contract to sign. We require a deposit which is payable in advanced.


Direct flights to Lanaca can be obtained from as little as £89, typically around £200 to £300 depending on where you fly from and the dates of travel. Some sites / numbers to try: u-wannago travel: 0845 128 4216, (Pegasus) A pretty good website for flights and other information is:

 We tend to fly to Ercan anyway as it is nearer to the complex and flights go every day from Heathrow. Another person to ring for flights is Margaret Oldroyd on 0845 058 7299, and she is a travel councellor. The main reason for using her rather than booking flights yourself is that Travel consellors have insurance and a bond, so that if there is any problem with the airline, then you will not get stuck. Alot of people buy flights on the internet and these are not usually covered if there is a problem.


Transfers to and from the airport.      

We can help you arrange transfers to and from the airport as well as car hire which can be as little as £12 per day. Transfers are around £30 from Ercan, or £50 from Lanaca (south). There is no problem for holiday makers travelling to the north from the south as long as they do not have property documents on them. You definitely need car hire, just take your UK driving licence.

General Information.

Time: Local time is two hours ahead of GMT
Currency: Turkish Lira is legal tender but everywhere accepts £/sterling
Mains Services: mains power is 240 volts with UK plugs/ sockets.

Tourist guide:
Traffic: Driving is on the left as in UK
Language: Officially Turkish, but English is widely used
Water here is precious, conservation would be appreciated but the complex has its own water supply
Climate: May to October: 30° to 40°; December to January: 18° to 25