The apartment is part of a complex of 400 or so apartments situated between Esenteppe and Kyrenia, 300 yards from the new golf course. The apartment is situated in a block of 8 apartments, . There are 6 pools on the complex, restaurant, mini-market and café bars on the two beaches which are directly in front of the complex.

Map of the complex showing pools and size of development


There is a floodlight tennis and basketball court, and equipment can be hired from the site administration office, there is also an outdoor and indoor gym, as well as a giant outdoor chessboard.

 Tennis courts


The complex has its own desalination plant and we know that the shortage of water is becoming a problem on the Island, as far as we are aware, our complex one of the few that will not have water problems in the future.

If you look in the construction pages on the index to the right of this page you can see some early photos of the construction of the desalination plant by the one of the two beeches on the complex.