Please call 07957 870095 if you are interested in renting this apartment. I can send you an old fashioned brochure in the short term.


The north part of the island is not as developed as the south, and in some respects we like this, it does mean that you do need to hire a car, and if you travel further up the pan handle part of the island you will not see anyone at all (apart from some donkeys).

Just next to the complex you can drive less than 5 minutes and find a beech, again where there will be no one on it at all, if you go further up towards Kyrenia there is a water sports place where you can do all of the usual activities and some of the bigger hotels in Kyrenia will offer those kind of activities.

During the height of the season the beeches will get busier and Kyrenia will bustle! Nicosia has some interesting places to visit and is a fairly large city, and is worth a visit, most people who want to do a serious shop, do it in Nicosia.

I have taken some photos of some of the places we have visited and each of the places can be found on the navigation on the right hand side, there are other places we did not go to such as Bellapaise Monastry which is supposed to be amazing.